These sets of high temperature heat resistant silicone gray dust boots and high temperature pressure seals for StopTech, and most late-model Brembo, calipers are the perfect components for street and track-oriented performance vehicles! These are true, authentic StopTech replacement dust boots and pressure seals and are recommended for track/racing/high performance driving events.

Included are the following components:
  • 30mm (30 mm) High Temp Gray Silicone Dust Boot, Part Number 750.99001, Quantity 2
  • 30mm (30 mm) Pressure Seal, Part Number 753.99001, Quantity 2
  • 7.5 mL StopTech Pressure Seal Lubricant in squeezable dropper bottle (do not use on dust boots!) - This is absolutely the best lubricant to use when assembling rebuilt or new calipers.  Don't use brake fluid, use the proper lubricant instead - included free!
This is also StopTech Rebuild Kit part number:
  • 143.99030K - 30mm
This seal kit replaces OE Brembo Dust Boot part number:
  • 20.4872.41 (20 4872 41) - 30mm
This seal kit replaces OE Brembo Pressure Seal part number:
  • 05.5955.53 (55 5955 53) - 30mm
This seal kit replaces OE Brembo Rebuild Kit part number:
  • 105.5955.53 (105 5955 53) - 30mm


Typically on a 4-Piston caliper, there are two of each piston size, so this combination should service one caliper.  You may need additional 26mm, 28mm 30mm, 32mm, 34mm, 36mm, 38mm, 40mm, 42mm or 44mm seals to also complete a caliper rebuilt kit.  These are not application specific, rather for those who may have a single torn dust boot or failed pressure seal or for those who are rebuilding their calipers; however, this kit will may work for many aftermarket Brembo or StopTech 4-piston caliper combinations.
Please contact us for application-specific kits and we will be happy to assist!

30mm Stoptech/Brembo Brake Caliper Individual Pressure Seal/High Temp Dust Boots

  • Condition: New Brand:


    Pressure Seal Part Number: 753.99001 Material: High Temperature/Heat resistant gray silicone
    Dust Boot Part Number: 750.99001 Manufacturer Part Number:


    Brembo Replacement Dust Boot Part Number: 20.4872.41 Interchange Part Number: 143.99030K
    Brembo Replacement Pressure Seal Part #: 05.5955.53 Placement on Vehicle: Left, Right, Front, Rear
    Seal Diameter: 30mm Warranty: No Warranty
    Quantity Pressure Seals: 2 Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
    Quantity Dust Boots: 2 Other Part Number: 20.4872.41 + 05.5955.53

    Does not apply